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ClipOne 2F114-Evo3 Kit1

ClipOne 2F114-Evo3 Kit1

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ClipOne 2F114-Evo3 Kit1 
Including the Sunshade SH-Evo3
The ClipOne 2F114-Evo3 is an Ultralight Filter Holder
Up to 2 filters in an instant !

One or two 4x5.65'' or 4x4'' filters with a quick-release lever
The ClipOne 2F114-Evo3 is meant to be as light as can be.
News and features:

The lens clamp diameter is Max 114mm with the option to insert captive adaptor rings
Adaptor rings available in the store on this page
This video shows how to handle the ClipOne 2F114:

The ClipOne 2F114-Evo3 is made in black ABS Plus® and printed in 3D FDM Stratasys®
This product is reliable, made with industrial professional tools.
It is a new functional design in the 3D printing world

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