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About Us

ABRACAM designs and manufactures lightweight camera accessories, perfect to use with Steadicam™ and Motorized Gimbals.

The focus is now given on the 3D printed products which actually open on new creative worlds.

That is why ABRACAM designs and sells 3D printed products, as only this process can combine functionality, quality, reliability, evolutivity, weight and price.

ABRACAM is a company developing accessories especially for Steadicam™ and light weight systems, founded in 1998 by Philippe Bordelais, Steadicam™ operator and experienced service provider.

Technical background includes the invention of the Freestyle 3D Rig® winner of the IBC 2009 Award® 


Technical background includes also the invention of the patented SledX™a gyro-stabilized handle prototype designed to control brushless gimbals. The SledX™ is the first step of several projects, among which the BigOne.