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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about our products:

- My lens is 'cine-style', which adaptor ring could I use to work with my ClipOne ?

Generally these lenses have a front housing with a perfectly cylindrical bearing surface and a precise standard diameter, ex: 114, 110, 95, 87, 80, 85, 80.

If your front lens housing has a diameter not available on this site, it's possible to manufacture one with a custom size, you just have to measure accurately the diameter of your lens and to order here:

The price of a custom ring is the same as an equivalent standard ring offered on this site, it's production just needs 3 additional business days after confirmation of the order.

- My lens is 'photo-style', which adaptor ring could I use to work with my ClipOne ?

Generally these lenses haven't a sufficient bearing surface. They even often have a flange which may interfere to mount an Abracam standard ring.

Usually these lenses however have a thread on their front housing so we will use an aluminum threaded interface ring.
Abracam doesn't currently manufacture these aluminum rings, you need to find the one with the thread that will fit your lens.

Some links may help:




Then this threaded aluminum ring will fit an Abracam standard ring without any problem, usually the rings R114-80, R114-85 or R114-87.