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ClipOne 3F138-Evo3 Kit2

ClipOne 3F138-Evo3 Kit2

Regular price €425.00
ClipOne 3F138-Evo3 Kit2
Kit including the Top Flag Kit TF-Kit
The ClipOne 3F138-Evo3 is an Ultralight Filter Holder
Up to 4 filters in an instant !
One, two or three 4x5.65 filters with a quick-release lever
And one 138mm circular filter controlled via a rubber wheel
Other options:
3F138-Evo3 Kit1 including SH-Evo3
3F138-Evo3 Kit3 including TF-Kit & SF-Kit
3F138-Evo3 Kit4 including TF-Kit & SF-Kit & RC138-15
News and features:
The clamp diameter is Max 136mm with the option to insert captive adaptor rings
R136 Adaptor Rings available in the store on this page
The ClipOne 3F138-Evo3 is made in black ABS Plus® and printed in 3D FDM Stratasys®
This product is reliable, made with industrial professional tools
It is a new functional design in the 3D printing world

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